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An unsent letter to my boss


My sincerest apologies for botching up each and every assignment you gave to me this past month. I know that I started stellarly and that must have upped your expectations of UP graduates in general and me in particular. This may have raised the bar, especially because you are so proud of having another UP graduate in your midst.

It would be nice fo rme to promise that botchups willl never happen again, or that I'll be more conscious of deadlines from now on, but I know any attempt at making ultimatums for myself would just result in broken promises and unmet expectations, and sadly would just worsen your failed expectations of me.

I feel all the pressure that a UP JD degree brings upon its hapless recipient. Couple that with the inherent stress of law practice (it doesn't matter what field of law you're in. dan-gat said the truth when he said law's a bitch on PMS) and looming deadlines and some clients who i just want to send back to hell (where i'm sure where they really came from), and you get  high strung little bundle of nerves who have to be whacked on the head twice to be made to understand the importance of time.

It says in gossip girl that excuses are only for the unemployed, and i don't want to be one. So, right now even though i've just made excuses in my previous paragraph, I want to say that, there's no excuses. I'm just lazy. I'm even posting blog entries in the office while using someone else's wifi. But this I tell you, I just really need a vacation to clear my head and repair my heart. The conscience, well, we'll talk about that later on.

I figured the best apology to all my mistakes and f-ups is to just do a better job next time. I will do that, after this much-needed vacation.

Sir, I want to be competent and able just like you. I like you as my boss, and the bonus is you're like a father to me. I really appreciate that you go out of the way to make me part of the team. and that you lend me books that you like, andthat you never lose your cool. I am just lucky to have you as my boss.

Right now, I'm thinking over my choice of whether to be in litigation was a good idea. I think it is, but I doubt if I have the capacity to be ready for this rough-and-tumble world. It's exciting, and full of possibilities. I know I could never make it in corporate practice. I like human drama and emotions, even though right now I only read it in the TSNs and affidavits. Not that I want to be in a real-life drama myself. i probably won't be able to handle it.

There I go rambling again.

The point is, boss, Thank You. For putting up with my quirks and being so patient with my mistakes and shortcomings. Somehow I will make it up to you. That will be my new year's resolution: to do a better job.

Happy holidays! Can't wait for the new year! :)

your employee.



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