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My org, the UP Paralegal Volunteers Organization, is not endorsing or supporting any particular political party or individual candidate running in the USC / College elections. Some PVO members may be running for office, and other members may express support or endorse them*, but this they do in their own personal capacity.

1. While some parties/alliances may have claimed that they have PVO support or endorsement, let it be known that there is no expression of support that ever came from PVO in favor of any party or candidate.

While PVO may have been involved in certain issues or activities where other orgs or alliances might have participated, the support that was given was for the ISSUE and not for our fellow supporters or advocates.

2. If any candidate has placed in their CV that they are members of PVO, that is his/her privilege as a member who has passed the criteria for membership in the PVO. However, this use must reflect the level of participation or commitment that the person has given for the org. Our rights and privileges must be exercised with due regard for justice and good faith, and also, delicadeza.

Corollarily, an applicant to the org does not have this privilege and does not have the right to even mention the name of PVO in his CV/leaflet/filer/poster.

The UP PVO is a non-partisan organization. It does, when deemed necessary, release statements and stands on ISSUES, after due deliberation and discussion. However, although PVO might engage in political matters when needed, it is and should be non-partisan.

I hope this cleared any confusion caused by some communications made by parties in the course of the campaigns.
* As I am doing for a dear friend



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