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oo inaamin ko na. Hindi ako scholarly. Kanina pa ako dinudugo sa take-home exam ni sir leonen.
hindi ko binasa yung mga readings dahil di ko magets. dahil di ko magets, di ako makapagreact.
dahil di ako makapag react sa mga articles, sasagutin ko na lang ang mga tanong base sa pagkakaintindi ko sa mga ito.
bakit nga ba ako nagta type dito, dapat ginagawa ko na yung exam.


All-Around Smart

You are all-around smart. Essentially, that means that you are a good combination of your own knowledge and experience, along with having learned through instruction - and you are equally as good with theoretical things as you are with real-world, applied things. You have a well-rounded brain.

20% theoretical intelligence
10% natural intelligence


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Let the snake wait under
his weed
and the writing
be of words, slow and quick, sharp
to strike, quiet to wait,
-- through metaphor to reconcile
the people and the stones.
Compose. (No ideas
but in things) Invent!
Saxifrage is my flower that splits
the rocks.

-William Carlos Williams 
A Sort of A Song


My org, the UP Paralegal Volunteers Organization, is not endorsing or supporting any particular political party or individual candidate running in the USC / College elections. Some PVO members may be running for office, and other members may express support or endorse them*, but this they do in their own personal capacity.

1. While some parties/alliances may have claimed that they have PVO support or endorsement, let it be known that there is no expression of support that ever came from PVO in favor of any party or candidate.

While PVO may have been involved in certain issues or activities where other orgs or alliances might have participated, the support that was given was for the ISSUE and not for our fellow supporters or advocates.

2. If any candidate has placed in their CV that they are members of PVO, that is his/her privilege as a member who has passed the criteria for membership in the PVO. However, this use must reflect the level of participation or commitment that the person has given for the org. Our rights and privileges must be exercised with due regard for justice and good faith, and also, delicadeza.

Corollarily, an applicant to the org does not have this privilege and does not have the right to even mention the name of PVO in his CV/leaflet/filer/poster.

The UP PVO is a non-partisan organization. It does, when deemed necessary, release statements and stands on ISSUES, after due deliberation and discussion. However, although PVO might engage in political matters when needed, it is and should be non-partisan.

I hope this cleared any confusion caused by some communications made by parties in the course of the campaigns.
* As I am doing for a dear friend
First time ko makakita ng true-blue Little Red Book. In Chinese (kaya di ko naintindihan). Sa Asian Center library.

title page

o ayan me picture pa ni mao..pirma niya pa ata yan


maliit talaga siya


o ayan me limampiso .. to scale.

Random pictures

Random pictures stored in my phone. ngayon ko lang natransfer sa pc.

my niece muji

Filipino ingenuity at work:

grafitti sa may likod ng vinzons ...sabi ng ipis:

The original mural of the neo-angono artists' collective . The tarp it is printed on was laid out and occupied the whole floor of the CMC lobby.

Bonifacio is a takatak boy with alibata tatoo on his left biceps

Rizal is a regular guy in black holding a newspaper and talking to someone in barong

the headline says:

then something for my SLR:

and then my favorite...

chikoy pura sings "Rage" at the peasant's vigil at DAR on the eve of the Mendiola massacre commemoration day



La Lang

By Tom A. Peter Wed Dec 12, 3:00 AM ET

Six- and 10-month-old babies are much more capable judges of character than previously thought. Not only can infants pick out a good Samaritan, they tend to identify with them, according to a Yale University study published in the journal Nature.

The study released last month presented babies with a diorama-like display of an anthropomorphic circle struggling to make it up a hill. Just when it appeared that all hope was lost, a heroic triangle appeared, and pushed the circle to the top. The round climber bounces, clearly elated to have reached the summit. The same scenario is played out again, only this time a square appears at the top of the hill and pushes the circle to the bottom.

The babies were then asked to pick a toy – the helper or the hinderer, as scientists called them. One hundred percent of 6-month-olds and 87.5 percent of 10-month-olds chose the helper. The results were consistent even when the triangle and the square swapped places as good guy and bad guy. In several other iterations of the experiment, the helper, regardless of shape or color, won out.

"Babies are very competent socially," says Kiley Hamlin, lead author of the study. "They can figure this kind of stuff out without people explicitly teaching what's nice and not nice and who's nice and who's not nice."

In another component of the study, researchers showed the circle choosing to sit with the helper or the hinderer. In this instance they found that 10-month-old babies were far more adept at noticing something seemed strange when the circle decided to sit with the hinderer. (They figured this out by how long the baby watched the helper or hinderer pair up with the circle, working under the assumption that babies, like adults, study something that appears out of the ordinary.)

While other research has shown that babies make assessments about people based on their physical appearance – they gravitate toward attractive people – these new findings show more complex levels of judgment.

"In any species that needs to cooperate as much as humans do … we always need to know who might be a good cooperator and who might not," says Ms. Hamlin.

The L word

Hindi ako obits!!!


The chances of boarding the MRT and overhearing two girls just an arm's length away talking about a person you know (and kind of like) is like, 1 in 10,000. It was surreal, and I actually didn't know whether I should just feign napping or look at them pointedly and let them recognize me as a student at Malcolm so that they will stop. I ended up putting my hand over my face pretending nothing was more important that sleep, and trying desperately hard to catch every word they uttered about *him*.  That is, over the sound of buses and the clang clang and other machine-y sounds of the MRT.

I feel sad.